Nicholas Rudolph Quient is an MAT student at Fuller Theological Seminary (New Testament; Biblical Languages). He is a graduate of Biola University (BA: Screenwriting; Biblical Studies). He hopes to pursue a Ph.D in New Testament upon graduation. His interests include (and are not limited to) the Apostle Paul, Second Temple Judaism, textual criticism and Greek, ancient economics, and arguments about the superiority of cats over dogs.

Yes, he believes this.

You can follow him on Goodreads and Twitter at @NickQuient

Allison M. Quient is a Ph.D student at Fuller Theological Seminary in Systematic Theology & New Testament. She is a graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Advanced M.Div) and Biola University (BA: Biblical and Theological Studies). Her interests include bridging the gap between biblical studies and systematic theology, the formation of the biblical canon, theology of gender, apologetics, and politics.

She is also in agreement with Nick about the superiority of cats. Their major point of contention is about who convinced who of this vitally important point.

You can follow her on Twitter at @AllisonQuient








Nick and Allison's Calling (=vocation):

For Allison filing. Endless filing. She is good at it and when she turns around more appears, must be the hand of God. For Nick electronic assembly.