Between Creeds and Criticism



Many Evangelical Christians have found themselves convinced of a more egalitarian understanding of the relationship between men and women after reading Galatians 3:28 in context. While this verse does not say: “Women ought to be allowed to be senior pastors,” it lays out a crucial framework for church participation. Since we are in Christ, and no longer under the law, partiality must not be shown on the basis of ethnicity, social standing or gender because these barriers do not exist in Christ. Full justification translates into full participation of these groups as heirs (first-born sons) within the church (2:6-13; 3:5-9,18-29).  

Consider our passage in light of the Jew and Gentile conflict mentioned earlier...

Happy Mother's Day! In this episode, we had some fun! We went through Galatians 1-2 for context, worked through the parallel passages of Galatians 3:28, as well as the theology within Gal 3:28.

We also spent a great deal of time answering some listener questions. Several people wrote in asking whether they should remain in their complementarian churches now that they see themselves as women called by God differently. In some cases people felt they were simultaneously growing and being held back spiritually by their complementarian churches. Hear our take on this difficult situation.

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The purpose of this brief post is two-fold. First, I want to offer resources to challenge this seemingly common trend of interpretation, as many Reformed theologians are egalitarian and it seems John Piper (among others) has been given a bigger megaphone than others. Second, in a brief discussion with some YRR brothers on social media, I was struck by the lack of accumulated resources that could benefit people who were sincerely interested in exploring this debated issue. Many of my YRR friends, and I say this with love, seem content to go along with their favorite Pastor (Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, etc) and not actually go to the word of God, as least in terms of primacy. This can also, of course, be flipped around if one comes from an egalitarian background (i most certainly don't). So the challenge is not in of itself exclusive to the YRR, but in this post it is directed to them. In love.

Second, I want to offer some resources to challenge my YRR brothers and sisters. The purpose is not necessarily to change your mind (although that is certainly deeply desired). Rather, it is to in essence break down the walls of miscommunication and to promote additional resources one is not likely to get from the footnotes of the latest Gospel Coalition blog post. 


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