Egalitarian Resources

I. Organizations

1. Christians for Biblical Equality - Lots of free articles (popular and scholarly), conferences, amazing internships and help finding churches or counselors. CBE's strength is bringing quality scholarship to you in ways that are easily accessible and understandable as well as connecting you with quality egalitarian resources.

2. Junia Project -Probably the best place online having discussions on biblical equality. Quality blog posts from great, humble people. The Junia Project is often active at various meetings and conferences through Azusa Pacific University and other quality organizations.

3. Ekklesia Foundation- This is an educational center in Kenya that strives to empower communities and spread knowledge on gender. They support women and girls in concrete ways from education to providing clean underwear. They also advocate for and empower women who have suffered sexual violence.

4. Missio Alliance- A Gospel focused group that tends to be highly collaborative in nature. They work with church leaders, nonprofits, schools, and denominations to address key cultural concerns in North American to understand the Church's mission in a rapidly changing culture. They have put on multiple She-Leads conferences and tend to engage with female and minority leaders in meaningful ways. 

II. Scholars

1. Cynthia Westfall

2. Philip B. Payne