2019: Eve as a Type of Christ: Re-framing Power, Identity & Gender in 1 Timothy 2, Christians for Biblical Equality’s 2019 Conference: Created to Thrive: Mutuality, Power & Identity in Houston Texas, August 3rd.

2019: Re-Imaging Power: Paul’s Narrative Soteriology & The Place of Eve, Post-Graduate Biblical Studies Conference 2019 at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland May 29th.

2019: Restoring God’s Image, Shepherd Heart Ministry Consulting, February 6, 2019

2019: Stepping Forward in Faith: “The Last Will Be First, And The First Will Be Last," A 15-minute devotion I gave at Los Angeles Pacific University April 29th where I talked about faith through the lens of Mark 10 culminating in Bartimaeus defying the crowd to approach Jesus and gain restoration.

2018: Eve Christology: Embodiment, Gender and Salvation, Canadian-American Theological Review, 2017 Vol 6 Issue 2.

·      The Jack and Phyllis Middleton Memorial Award for Excellence in Bible and Theology, First Place

2018: The Incarnation and the Iconoclast: A Theological Framework of Hope in the Midst of Suffering & Abuse, Interdisciplinary Theology Conference: Peace and Violence in Scripture and Theology, Wycliff College, Canada, October 20th 2018.

2018: Working Together As One, A 15-minute devotion I gave at Los Angeles Pacific University June 25th where I applied 1 Corinthians 12 to a Christian work context.

2017: Eve Christology: Embodiment, Gender and Salvation, Duke Graduate Conference in Theology, 2017 and also given at the Interdisciplinary Theology Conference: Evangelical Theology New Challenges New Opportunities, 2017. 

·      The Jack and Phyllis Middleton Memorial Award for Excellence in Bible and Theology, First Place for Best Paper, Rochester New York 2017.

2016: Sleeping

2015: 10 Ways Men Can Fight Sexism, The Junia Project August 21, 2015 (7 most viewed for the year).

2015: Justification and Life for All? A Response to an Evangelical Universalist Exegesis of Romans 5:12-21, Rethinking Hell Conference held at Pasadena CA, Fuller Seminary 2015.

2014: "Defining Desire: How Should We Understand Eve’s “Desire” in Genesis 3:16?" Mutuality Magazine, Winter 2014 Vol. 21, No. 4 (Christians for Biblical Equality).

2014: Anna: Proclaimer of God’s Grace, Arise 2014 (CBE)

2013: Equating “Feminisms,” Special Edition Journal 2013 to ETS (Christians for Biblical Equality)

·      Christians for Biblical Equality Student Paper Competition, First Place, Pittsburgh 2013.

2013: Making History By Remembering History, Arise 2013 (CBE)

2013: Judging Deborah, Arise 2013

2013: Esther: When God Calls for Disobedience, Arise 2013

2013: Learning to Thrive, Arise 2013

2013: Phoebe: “Helper” or Leader?, Arise 2013

2013: Junia: Outstanding Among the Apostles, Arise 2013

2013: Women’s History Month: 20 notable Christian women from various times and places, Arise 2013


2019: The Perfection of Our Faithful Wills: Paul’s Apocalyptic Vision of Entire Sanctification (To be published with Wipf & Stock: in editing phase).

2019: Working on academic articles on head in Paul, prevenient grace, the Book of Revelation, and Pauline ethics.

2019: "'Thou Hast Forsaken Thy First Love:' Soteriological Contingency in the Book of Revelation," Evangelical Review of Theology 43.2 (2019): 167-180.

2019: "When the Sea shall be as Glass: The Problem of Evil and Paul's Apocalyptic Vision." A paper presented on January 26, 2019 at the Rethinking Hell Symposium, La Mirada, California.

2018: "The Just Righteousness of God: Christ's Faithfulness & Universal Atonement in Romans 3:21-26" in A Festschrift for Harold Hunter. Edited by Johnathan Pritchett and Braxton Hunter. 2019. Awaiting corrections for publication.

2018: "Paul's God of Peace: Greetings and the Rhetoric of Gender in Romans 16," The Journal of the Ecclesia Scholars Society. Accepted. Pending publication.

2018: Book Review: Time of Troubles: A New Economic Framework for Early Christianity by Roland Boer and Christina Petterson (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2017) in Christian Libertarian Review 1.1 (2018): R47-51.

2017: "Was Apphia an Early Christian Leader? An Investigation and Proposal Regarding the Identity of the Woman in Philemon 1:2," Priscilla Papers 31.2 (2017): 10-13.

2017: "Learning in the Pastoral Epistles: Verbs, Wives, and a Solution to a Pauline Prohibition." Academic paper presented at the Canadian-American Theological Association (CATA): Evangelical Theology: An Interdisciplinary Theology Conference at Northeastern Seminary, October 20-21, 2017.

2016: A break out paper and presentation (to be read by my friend Christopher M. Date) on 2 Thessalonians 1:9 at the Rethinking Hell Conference, London, UK. Here it is!

2016: "How I Submit to my wife." Mutuality 22.4 (Winter 2015): 4-5.

2015: "Paul and the Annihilation of Death," in A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor of Edward Fudge (Ed. Christopher M. Date and Ron Highfield: Eugene: Pickwick, 2015), 90-111.

2014: Academic paper presentation at the Rethinking Hell Conference in Houston, TX. "Paul and the Annihilation of Death."

2013-present: Contributor to Rethinking Hell including blog posts and podcast episodes.