Episode 19: Gender Myths, Friendship & Stray Cats?

Episode 19 logo.png

So, it has been an odd journey since last we spoke! Nick and Allison have both had a few major life changes (you'll have to listen to the episode to find out what exactly all that is!), but today our topic concerns different so-called "gender myths" in relation to friendship and the church. We tackle three so-called "gender myths" in this episode.

Gender Myth 1: sexual love/marriage is the highest form of love.

Gender myth 2: men and women cannot be 'just' friends (Nick makes a comment about the Billy Graham 'rule' which is #savage).

Gender Myth 3: To be fulfilled/fully human is to have a sexual relationship/ be married.

A recommended resource that has shaped a lot of our thinking on this subject, and various gender myths, belongs to New Testament scholars Wesley Hill and his book Spiritual Friendship. The church has drunk deeply from the cultural well, where sexualization has eclipsed the message of Jesus.

And we may have an epic guest on for next time!