Episode 27: Bible Translations & Gender

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Here is episode 27! It has been a while so our apologies! We have a special announcement for you, but you will have to listen for it! Hint, it is within the first 15 minutes.

In this episode we talk about bible translations, translational theory, and the question of gender and women in ministry. Christians for Biblical Equality has published extensively on this topic. See the articles by Mimi Haddad, Jeff Miller on 1 Corinthians 14, Gail Wallace of The Junia Project, Ron Krueger a translator with Wycliffe, and Aloo Mojola from St. Paul’s University for more details on this question. We also briefly respond to Christian apologist Mike Winger, who’s popular Youtube video is both helpful and somewhat inaccurate when it comes to gender and translational theory.

You can also listen to our episode on Junia from earlier this year, or read Dennis Preato’s helpful article on the subject as we use Junia as an example of a victim of translational bias. Blessings to all of you!