Episode 24: Deborah and #MeToo

Episode 24.png

It has been a while! Hello! We’re back. Sort of.

In this episode we tackle the prophet Deborah in Judges ch.4-5 and get into some deeper questions from our twitter followers and friends. We hope you enjoy! For more research on this topic, see the excellent article by Ron Pierce, where he goes through the story of Deborah and Jael in great detail. Arthur H. Lewis makes several additional theological and linguistic points about her son in Judges ch.5. For a more historical survey of Deborah in church history, see J.G. Brown. Much is often asserted about the nature of priesthood in the First Testament, and Christina Campbell has some interesting points to make about that question.

Also, finally, for those who desire an answer to who Nick was compared to….see Episode 16 of The Sinnergists Podcast. You should go follow them on twitter, too.