Episode 25: Huldah and Hermeneutics

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Howdy! In this episode Nick and Allison have a long-overdue treat for you! If you are in Texas or want to be in Texas during the beginning of August, we have a discount code for the Christians for Biblical Equality Conference that can be found ONLY at the end of this episode.

Nick and Allison talk about the Prophet Huldah and about basic hermeneutics as they relate to the evangelical gender debate. Much could be said but we limited ourselves to the discussion simply to make things a bit breezy.

Excellent resources on Huldah include the articles by Christine Marchetti, Ron Pierce from Biola University, and Brenda Griffin Warren. These works demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s empowering placement of Huldah is a shattering blow to the paradigm of complementarianism.

We hope you enjoy, and we hope to see you in Houston, Texas (Aug 2-4)!